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02 August 2008 @ 12:17 am
Cedar Point vacation  
Well, my husband and I are back from our trip to Cedar Point. We spent four days there in celebration of our second anniversary. It took four days, but we managed to ride EVERY ride in the park. Flat rides AND coasters. We rode front seat on Top Thrill Dragster, Millennium Force, Magnum XL-200 and Disaster Transport; and second seat on Raptor, Mantis, Mean Streak and Gemini. I think we rode third seat on everything else, simply for the fact third seat was walk-on and first and second weren't.

I've ridden all the coasters before except Maverick (which is new since my last visit), so here's my quick rundown review of them all!

Blue Streak - surprisingly violent, but I always love a good woodie.
Cedar Creek Mine Ride - short, a bit rough, not worth waiting more than 5 minutes for.
Corkscrew - smoother than I expected. Lots of fun to flip over the midway and look down at the people above/below you.
Disaster Transport - a lot darker than I remember, fast and fun. The only bobsled coaster I've ever ridden or know the location of.
Gemini - hands down the smoothest coaster I've ever ridden. Loved the race aspect, it was neck and neck to the end, but when it came to the finish, our train was a smidge ahead!
Iron Dragon - much more fun than Top Gun/Flight Deck/whatever it's called now. The mist through the 'pretzel' just adds the little 'oomph' it needs.
Magnum XL-200 - ow, my legs. TONS of airtime, but at the cost of bruises on the top of your thighs.
Mantis - hurt my ears a lot, but reminded me that I miss stand-up coasters. Hoping Kings Island will see the return of a stand-up soon and that they can come up with one even half as great as Mantis.
Maverick - quite possibly the most violent steel coaster I've experienced (close tie with Ninja at SFOG). Neat concept with the 95° drop, lots of airtime, and unexpected corkscrews, but they need to come up with a better restraint system that doesn't bang your head around. Waited an hour for it, wouldn't wait that long again, definitely not longer.
Mean Streak - just as violent as I remembered, but once again, I love a good woodie, and this is definitely a good one if you don't mind a headache.
Millennium Force - still my favorite ride at CP. The first drop in the front seat is amazing, and I love that it's not only high and fast, it's also fairly long. Lots of high speed banked turns, air time, and speed. My eyes were watering. A lot.
Raptor - I do like suspended coasters quite a bit, and Raptor's a shining gem among them. Nice and long, lots of twists and turns, but the G-forces do push you down pretty hard. My legs kind of hurt a bit afterwards.
Top Thrill Dragster - in the front seat. Holy crap. Awesome. Just wish it was longer. A very, very close second for my favorite coaster at CP.
Wicked Twister - Love the extended weightlessness at the top of the towers. I'm a HUGE fan of powered launch coasters, so this one gets an extra check mark for that. Caught it as a walk-on, thought about riding again because it's so fun, but decided to run over and jump onto MaXair before close instead.
Wildcat - cute and fun, but feels way too much like a mobile carnival ride. Couldn't they make it ... more substantial or something?

I took a TON of pictures and posted them on my Flickr account for all of your enjoyment! http://www.flickr.com/photos/violakat03/sets/72157606495592725/

Joshstradmandexter on August 3rd, 2008 01:42 am (UTC)
I've been needing to go to Cedar Point for several years but haven't got to go. I have to go next summer. No questions.

I love your pictures of the Raptor too. Amazing coaster.

I was rather young the last time I went, but I remember loving Mean Streak, Gemini, and Iron Dragon. In fact, we just stayed on Iron Dragon for several circuits because there was no line. :)